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March 20 2017

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A bumblebees butt hanging out of a flower

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I love Internet grammar I love how “you what mate” is an incredulous question but “u wot m8” is an invitation to fight I love how straight people are different to Straight People I love how smol is so much smaller than small I live how thiS, tHIS and THIS are all different in my mind i luv how dis spelling make sarcasm I love how haha, lol and lmao are completely different emotions I love how….. This…. Makes everything… So much more dramatic???? Tone is so hard to convey in writing u go lil buddies you go

March 19 2017

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Fatherhood cosplay

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garlic memes??? i feel like his has such a niche audience but i feel it

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Happy take your muscles on a date to the gym day

Did you know.. every time someone tags this as “i’m gay” the stronger I become

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whys king kong……… fucking large

the bigger you are the larger you are

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So geht's richtig.

Kein Haar-Witz im Namen: Ordnungsamt schließt Friseursalon

Köln (dpo) - So geht es nicht! Das Kölner Ordnungsamt hat heute den Friseursalon "Schlüters Haarsalon" in der Altstadt schließen lassen. Die Besitzerin des Ladens, der erst vor wenigen Wochen eröffnet hat, hatte sich auch nach mehrfacher Ermahnung geweigert, einen Wortwitz im Titel zu führen. ...[weiter]...

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Marc-Uwe Kling - Die Känguru-Chroniken
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“when you worry you’ve left the stove on, while in the middle of destroying Tokyo”  

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Went kayaking with my girlfriend and we made the cutest friend!

excuse me WHY are his hands up i cant handle this

pick him up

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